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Rural Elders

Les Ainés Ruraux de MOLIÈRES, represented by Jeanine DELFOUR, President, organize meetings and outings all year round for our active elders and those of the surrounding villages.

Some examples of the activities and events organized

by the Rural Elders of MOLIÈRES:

- Belote meeting every 3rd Friday of each month
- Lotos
- Day outings: Steam train ride in MARTEL - Meal and barge ride in BEAULIEU s/DORDOGNE
- Cabaret show
- Dancing meals
- Garage sale…

Couple au marché

The atmosphere of these activities is very friendly.
Volunteers help set up the necessary facilities for activities and events
place in MOLIÈRES.
The annual membership fee is €15.


Friends of the Bastide (ABM)

ABM, represented by Claire VEAUX, current President,

aims to promote cultural activities and to organize any event intended for the animation of the Bastide.

Leaflets on the Bastide de MOLIÈRES are written

for several years by Claire VEAUX.

They are sold by and for the benefit of ABM


Each year, ABM transmits the program of its events to associations in neighboring villages:

The annual subscription is 15€ for a single person

and 25€ for a couple.


The Image and Sound Workshop (AIS)

The President, Bernard ALBRECHT, organizes introductory and/or advanced courses in computing, photography and, in general, all audiovisual activities.

These classes take place on Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (modifiable according to the availability of each).

The annual membership fee is €40 per person.



AIS Mails.jpg

Porcelain Painting Club

Last year and this year, these ladies exhibited and sold their creations on the MOLIÈRES Christmas market
initiated by the Association “Les Petits Moliérois”, MONTESSORI School of MOLIÈRES.

They will participate in other Christmas markets this year.

President: Ms. Josiane Valèze - 05 53 63 30 54

Opening day: Wednesday afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The annual subscription is 70€ per person

(this amount includes all necessary supplies

to this activity, except paintbrushes).


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Festival Committee

The festival committee, represented by Aloïs Marcelaud, President, organizes events and events all year round

with the aim of bringing together the Molière population

and bring life to the village.

The Office: 

 - Président  :  Aloïs Marcelaud    06 72 63 13 52

 - Vice President: Rodolphe Travers 

- Treasurer: Fabienne Panthou  06 89 02 92 04

- Assistant Treasurer: Louise Lecallot

- Secretary: Aurélie Balaguer  06 13 72 52 07

Some examples of events organized by the MOLIÈRES Festival Committee:

- Traveling meetings
- Beer Festival and Bal Trad
- Organic market
- Petanque contest…

There is no annual fee at this time.



Capture d’écran (4).png

The General Store Grocery

This associative grocery store, represented by Hélène POULON, President, has been open since April 2022.

It works only with the participation of volunteers.

The products on sale are organic and local.


There is no annual fee at this time.


Email contact:


The little Molières

The association Les Petits Moliérois, MONTESSORI School,

represented by Mrs. Ute Gillet, President, is the private school installed in MOLIÈRES since September 2020.

The MONTESSORI method aims to promote

the personal development of children and to teach them

by the 5 senses and by practice to better understand

the theory.
This learning is done in a well-supervised way, in listening and benevolence.
For their entry into 6th grade, the level of students is tested in the same way as other private or public schools.


hunting society

Represented by Mr. Alexandre Lacoste, President   

Hunting meal: March 19  at noon  

Ball trap: 3rd weekend of July

Les chasseurs et les chiens
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